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supPly chain 


Supply chain management depends on achieving two goals:

  • First, being able to have accurate data about the flow of products

  • Second, being able to analyze the data to make decisions about supply, inventory and distribution strategies.

Leading companies around the world are now using the latest technology to manage their supply chains and improve decision making. IoT and blockchain are used to provide real-time visibility of operations, while Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are used for data analysis and decision making.

Locally in our logistics and distribution operations, are we adequately using technology? Do we still have manual processes? Do we have end-to-end visibility? Are we able to quickly define inventory policies for our products?

Shark consulting team can help you assess the status of your company and define a roadmap for supply chain digitalization. We assist companies in process digitalization by using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and provide support on implementing solutions for transportation and inventory management.

Shark Optimization helps in the digitalization of supply chain by:

Application of digitalization solutions

An industrial products company needed an easier way to analyze inventory prior to placing reorders. Shark Optimization designed a custom solution that uses RPA to consolidate data from several sources and compare them to inventory policies, generate comprehensive inventory reports and alert managers if inventory drops below the defined level. The solution makes it easier to place purchase orders as the RPA software can create orders in both the internal system and the supplier portal.



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