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How do we optimize sourcing?

Manufacturing companies need to regularly negotiate with hundreds of suppliers of raw material and packing material. Each supplier manages different locations, lead times, product presentation and minimum purchase quantities. Deciding with the supplier to choose, how much quantity to purchase and when to purchase becomes a very complex task for the Procurement department.

Shark Optimization can help with these decisions with our modeling tools and our extensive experience in international transportation and logistics.  We have the capacity of modeling your current sourcing processes based on historic data. Then we find saving opportunities by running what-if scenarios with distinct purchase frequencies and quantities, consolidating shipments and changing transportation modes.

Optimization results are enhanced by our experience in:

Business case

Network optimization to comply with local regulations and reduce costs


A manufacturer of wind turbines manages its own assembly locations worldwide and works with over 100 suppliers and international ports. A key challenge is to comply with local and regional regulations in the wind turbine projects.


Given the limited number of suppliers and its locations, variations on the regulations have a huge impact in the acquisition of new businesses. Project costs, profitability, supply chain performance and project feasibility must be taken in consideration for the analysis.


The company used the solution Supply Chain Guru to define the optimal scenario with local regulations.


A baseline model was created and the optimized, considering all costs, currency changes, taxes over components and finished parts, supplier options, assembly locations and transportation options.


By using supply chain optimization, the company was capable of:

  • Identify saving opportunities related to model restrictions and alternative product flows.

  • Include the restrictions of local regulations in the modeling process.

  • Reduce the time to answer quotations by accounting for local regulations.

  • Optimize transportation costs, including changes in transportation, port storage and total costs at the destination.


  • Supply Chain Digitalization


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