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foreign TRADE
market intelligence

The Market Intelligence your company needs

  • Which companies are the main importers in Panama and how many TEUs they move?

  • Where is the export cargo going?

  • What commodities are being imported to the country?

These questions have historically been difficult to answer in Panama. Even when it has been possible to obtain the data, it requires hours of cleaning and analysis. Shark Optimization makes this tedious task easy with its Shark Market Intelligence service. 

Shark Market Intelligence provides updated information on imports by consignee, country of origin, port of arrival in Panama and type of product in a graphic and friendly format. Similarly, the service includes information on exports and cargo in transit through Panama.

The information is processed and presented in stunning dashboards that are easy to understand. This information allows us to understand the market, direct commercial efforts and identify new customers.

Imports from China to Panama in TEUs

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